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mixamix20131004_frontcover_smallDear music and trip lovers.

This a mega hits megamix I created in "fast mode" within a week for my Summer vacations of 2014 in Greece. I have split it in tree parts since it is a 5 hours mix.It includes dance hits of today and past. Foreign and greek music. As usual it is a strange mix of music genres like myself but fun! Main purpose of this mix is fun!


Hi fellows,

Maybe some of you think this site is dead and I have given up. What is really happening is that due to a day job change , I didn't have the time to update and redesign the site as I wanted to.
This does not mean I am not working on new Arduino projects that I use in my everyday life.
I have decided to post my two most important projects of the last couple years in this old site, in fear that I will never have the chance to do it due to crisis in Greece. This site may go down in September if it will still not be applicable to make any payments outside Greece.

So without further ado, the Arduino projects I am going to present are:

1. A smart thermostat that controls one or more remote controled cheap AC sockets. A project I made to control the portable electrical heater in my room to reduce the electricity bills.
Arduino Thermostat AC Remote













2. A Wake Up light alarm clock. After reading about those really expensive Philips wake up lights I decided to make one of my own completely from scratch with Arduino and Led lights. This wakes me up every day (sunrise mode)  and get me to sleep (sunset mode).
Arduino Wake Up light

So please show a little patience. I have started writing and taking step by step photos of how I made these. It will take some time since this projects are completely operational and I will have to deassemle them.

Thank you for your support! :)

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