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arduino_logoThis is an update to my first Arduino project in which basically I had used an Arduino Duamilanove connected with an LM35 (temperature sensor) and an HC44780 16x2 text LCD display, to read the current ambient temperature and calculate an average, minimum and maximum and display all these to the LCD display. At this second project I wanted to display a history graph chart of temperature over time on this simple text LCD.


My First Arduino Project - LCD Ambient Temperature Digital Monitor PDF Print E-mail
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arduinologo1This is my first attempt to get into the Arduino world. Being an old ATMEL AT90 fan I found the Arduino project to be very intriguing to me cause it makes developers life so much easier then old school 8bit assembly and C tyranny.

So this first attempt had two directives.
1. To use the AVR's AD converter,
2. To drive and 2x16 LCD display.
So as a simple project I decided to do the following project.
Read the ambient temperature using an LM35 sensor do some math to calculated current ,average, minimum and maximum temperature and display all these to an HD44780 2x16 LCD display.
More specifically one temperature measurement is taken about every second and displayed as current temperature. Every 8 measurements an temperature average of those is calculated and displayed as Av.T. The same time a calculation about the min and max average temperature is done (displayed as Min and Max) for all the Power On period of Arduino board. The program also send the previous measurements to the Arduino's Serial Monitor.

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