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Been looking for this usefull info for a while...

If you know his Spotify username, then type into the main search box:


with USERNAME replaced with his Spotify username. That will then load his profile, from which you can add him to your following list.

For example, you can find me: spotify:user:djmentzik

Found on:

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mixamix20131004_frontcover_smallDear music and trip lovers.

After almost 2 years of absence, I have finally did manage to make a new mix to accompany my road trips.
In reality this mix started live at a big party that happened in Summer of 2012 to honor a really good friend of mine.
From then on it was left aside since my life in 2013 had a major turnover. I worked on it again this Summer and now
after I have gone through every little detail to bring it in a state that satisfies me I decided to share it with you.

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