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I recently fell on a question in Arduino Playgroung about how can we make Arduino and specifically MEGA 328Parduinologo1
more energy efficient. I have followed the articles and gathered some links with interesting guidelines.

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 inductive charging mod (experiment) PDF Print E-mail
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This experiment presentation is meant for educational purposes only.
I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages to your phone or yourself.
If you are understand the risks you may proceed reading this article.

Some months ago, after seeing that many new high level smartphones supported officially wireless charging, I decided to have a look if there was some kind of genuine or aftermarket solution for Galaxy S2. A quick search revealed that Samsung had not predicted to have a wireless charge connector on the phone board although it could have quite easily fit one as it did on S3 and S4. So no retail solution was available. Then I had a look at amazon and ebay. Nothing really good and whatever solutions existed were bulky and very expensive.
After having a look at XDA developers I found out that quite a few had tried to fit an HP Palm Pre inductive charging system to their Galaxy S and S2 successfully. After checking at Amazon I found out that the needed parts were at an affordable price to have a go.

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