Name: George
Country: Greece.
Real Life Job: Electronics Enginneer.
Hobbies: Electronics, Computers, Web, Mixing, Driving, Enjoying good music.
Music style: Electronic (Dance, trance, euro, pop), Rock, HipHop, 80s, DnB, Classical and whatever else has a unique melody!

Why I do this?
I like driving. I like sports driving but I also enjoy a quite ride heading to a unique destination in the nature, by the sea or through the night city lights.
To me driving is an experiance for all the senses. It has motion, scenery, forces, smell and sound.Specially sound. Can you imagine a car schene in a moovie without some soundtrack? Can you imagine seeing a race review without that hot music blowing your mind?

That's what I do. I create my very own and personal soundtracks. I like melodic but also energizing music. I like music that will blend with the motor noise pumping the adrenaline up, but then marry you with some relaxing moments to take a breath lower the revs, listen to the wind, admire the view. And then a new hit.

I like sharing emotions. I like having a friend next to me to enjoy the trip. This is why I started sharing these mixes with you. To have your own very personal driving experiance!

What do you want from my site?