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mixamix_20080113Dear music and trip lovers.

After my last mix I was feeling a luck of inspiration to make a new one.
But then that magik New Years Eve night under the music carpet of Oakenfold who came at Athens my batteries were recharged.
I spent some time after looking at what tracks were played during that night and found lots of new things. And finally I made it.
I am starting with my own remix of well known Frankie Valli's - Beggin (pilooski edit).
Bored of hearing it again and again at the radio I decided to give it a new progressive essaince by mixing it.
What's more? Lot's of nice vocal songs very well known and soundtracks that never die!
I tried to use remixes that are not heard much on the radio and as always I have installed my personal touch by working on the interconnections of the tracks for hours and hours trying to add riffs and beats to differ of the originals.
My gf after listening a pre-beta of this mix said that she felt like hearing a one track composition. So I think I am delivering you my friends another magik musical journey.

Keep travelling, sharing music and have fun!


23 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:31
Playlist length: 1 hour 21 minutes 1 seconds

Playlist files:

1. C.M. - Dream Universe (Tilts Eastern Storm Remix) (3:20)
2. Frankie Valli - Beggin (Pilooski Re-Edit) (4:22)
3. Tomcraft and Jimmy Pop - Broadsword Calling Danny Boy (Original Mix) (2:27)
4. Master Blaster - Can Delight (Rico Bass vs Dave Kurtis Remix) (4:45)
5. Clubb Master - Dancing (2:37)
6. Shifted Reality - Fuerte (Solesystem Remix) (3:43)
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Otherside (Benny Benassi Remix) (7:00)
8. Paul Van Dyk - Let Go (feat. Rea Garvey) (4:57)
9. Shifted Reality & Santerna Ft Tiff Lacey - On this Day (Abbott & Chambers Vocal Mix) (4:50)
10. Astrix - Future Music (6:12)
11. Agnelli & Nelson Presents A+n Project - Wear That Dress (John Ocallaghan Remix) (5:42)
12. Filo and Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem (John Ocallaghan Remix) (5:42)
13. Orbital - Doctor Who (2:36)
14. Fluke - Reeferendrum (3:12)
15. Amon Tobin - Cosmo Retro Intro Outro (2:42)
16. Jean Michel Jarre - Beautiful Agony (1:29)
17. Jean Michel Jarre - Teo & Tea (Benny Benassi Remix Extended Club Mix) (1:36)
18. Jean Michel Jarre - Teo & Tea 400 Am (3:19)
19. The Infinity Project - Stimuli (2:41)
20. Ferry Corsten and Ramini Project - Break Theme (Breakout Mix) (2:58)
21. Micha Moor - Space (Original Radio Edit) (1:26)
22. Everything But the Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Remix) (0:21)
23. Yves Larock - Rise Up (Radio Edit) (3:04)


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Comments (5)
5Wednesday, 23 March 2011 14:18
I love this album... One of my favorites..! :P
Good job!
4Tuesday, 25 November 2008 22:37
The aliens
I had a great time driving with this!
3Tuesday, 25 November 2008 22:33
Sick Man
[b] R u nuts? :?: [/b]
G said
2Tuesday, 25 November 2008 21:35
Who said?
1Sunday, 23 November 2008 20:27
George Mentzikof

Greeting from Vasilis!
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